Writer & Storyteller

Loren Green is a professional writer, journalist and content marketer. The written word is my specialty, with emphasis on storytelling, connection and accessibility. All content needs to convey a unique story that provides a personal, helpful connection between writer and audience, suited to media format and audience. In a digital world, connection is a unique, invaluable and irreplaceable commodity.

I have written extensively about beer, music, food, beverage, arts, and similar topics for publications that include Star Tribune, All About Beer, Paste, City Pages, The Growler, Explore Minnesota, New Noise, and Scene Point Blank. I also have professional experience writing marketing and social media content for a respected international media and information organization. While much of my portfolio covers the subjects above, I have covered diverse subjects ranging from mushroom farming to community safety and legal issues.

Customized Content, Relatable Experiences

I am available for journalism, marketing content, business blogs, public relations work and additional services with the written word. Additional skills and services include editing, consulting, photography and social media.

Clips are included below and references or additional information are available on request.

One Writer, Many Voices

Journalism, profiles, blogs, interviews, travel, events, reviews, newsletters, marketing, script writing, social media, long-form, microcopy, trade, technical writing and more.